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Poison The Mobile User

So let’s be a little sarcastic today and try to poison the mobile user. How does that sound? Just follow my instructions. Let’s make a slow website, disable zooming, hide the navigation and fill up the page with fixed-positioned elements. I’ll bet the poor mobile user won’t be able to survive this.

New In Chrome 54

Complex user interfaces often require a large amount of HTML. Most languages allow developers to create their own components built on top of language primitives to mitigate this kind of verbosity. But until now, creating reusable components on the web has been difficult.

Thoughtful css Architecture

Have you ever worked on a CSS project that gradually became a hot, sticky mess? It’s difficult to keep track of what styles affect what HTML: minor changes fix one problem but create three more and can require ugly hacks..

Reasons to do usabilty testing

Have you ever used a website, mobile app, or been to a store where you just couldn’t find what you needed? Maybe the menu items were labeled unconventionally or access to customer service information was nowhere to be found?

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